When a day at home for sickness becomes a funtivity of Kinetic Art

When a day at home for sickness becomes a funtivity of Kinetic Art

Today Mr 7 wasnt feeling well so he stayed home from school to rest and get over this nasty cough he has at the moment. I try not to let my curious critters watch too much tv when they are home from school but some times it is needed, for example when we were waiting for the panadol to take effect and I needed to have a shower 😉 So this morning Sesame Street was on – we are big fans of Sesame Street and Play School in our house and today the word of the day was “innovation” – huge word right but it ignited Mr 7’s curiosity to try out something he had seen on Sesame Street, a Kinetic Artist!

Mr 7 instantly wanted to create his own Kinetic art and boy did we have fun with it! It was a fantastic opportunity to create, explore the ways that different objects move, use our imaginations, make predictions and of course we had to use things that my son was familiar with for example sporting equipment, Star Wars Lightsaber and his AFL footy cards folder. We also tried a few different cars but the Barbie car rolled the straightest so the Barbie car it was.

We also got a little frustrated and after 1 and 1/2hrs of solid curious trialing, testing, wondering and failing we finally succeeded in creating our own piece of Kinetic art and boy were we excited!

The video goes quite quickly but so you can follow along – the ball is rolled by Mr7 into the Barbie car, as it does this it passes its energy into the car that then rolls into the Lightsaber, that falls onto the Basketball, this knocks the folder closed. A slight breeze is caused as the folder closes and this puts the Jenga pieces into a Dominos falling effect that knocks the marble, passing its energy to it causing it to roll through the yellow pipe, off the table and into the clear plastic tub on the floor. Woohoo! It worked!

Check it out! (click the image below)

Kinetic energy


Don’t you love it when they are curious and learn while having fun!

Oh, I know he doesn’t look to sick at the end of this video but trust me he was doing a lot of coughing, he was just so excited that it finally worked.

As a side note I have to admit that I almost gave up with this activity a couple of times, especially when my youngest curious critter kept accidentally bumping the table just as we finished setting up the Jenga/Dominoes but my wonderful son didnt want to give up! He used to get frustrated and give up really easily but we worked really hard the last year or so on resilience and persistence and praising him when ever he persists with something and succeeds. So today the student became the teacher! Proud Mumma moment!

Have fun being curious together.

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