Valentine’s Day books about love for little critters

Valentine’s Day books about love for little critters

Love is such a beautiful topic to discuss with your little critter.  We often have such busy lives that sometimes we miss the numerous opportunities to say how much we truly love our little critters.   Reading these divine stories together offers some sweet moments and opportunities to remind one another how special you are to one another.

Guess How Much I love You – Sam Mc Bratney

This gorgeous book has been popular for such a long time now,  Guess_How_Much_I_Love_You_Cover  that almost everyone I know has a copy, if not two!  It tells the story of a little hare and his daddy and how they measure their love for one another.  The cutest thing about this story is that your little critter will be measuring their love for you everywhere you go! To the café and back, to kindergarten and back, to the toilet and back and so it goes on! (Recommended for toddlers and older)

Love, Splat – Rob Scotten

love splatSplat is one the most loveable storybook cats. In this edition of Splat, the cute fluffy black cat has a crush on a fluffy white kitten.  Splat feels his love is unrequited at first….but love wins in the end. (Recommended for Toddlers and older)



Love You Forever – Robert Munsch

My mum bought this story for my son when he was a baby.  love_you_forever-Although I didn’t read it to him for a long time, it’ll definitely be one I pack in his bag when he leaves home.  It tells of a simply beautiful heartfelt story of a mothers love for her son as he grows up and then his care and love for her as she grows old.  It does gently imply the death of the mother when she is old, however, it is done in such a gentle way it does not take away from the main theme of the story which is unconditional love between a mother and her son. (Recommended for Pre-Schoolers and older)

Hug – Jez Alborough

hugThis book literally is all about one word; hug!  Bobo hunts through the jungle trying to find his mother for a hug.  Along the way he discovers other mother and baby animals hugging and just when he’s about give up finding his mother, there’s a happily ever after ending. (Recommended for Toddlers and older)

The Biggest Kiss – Joanna Walsh

Kisses are different for every animal!  This story describes lots of types of biggest-kiss-animals kisses with a cute rhyme that will make you want to read over and over.  (Recommended for Toddlers and older)

We hope that you enjoy reading these stories of love with your little critters.  Hopefully they will warm your heart and soul.

If you have any favourite stories of love that you and your little critter like to read, please share them with us and our CLC community!

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