Sorting the Lego

Sorting the Lego

I spent an hour or so yesterday sorting out the Lego table with my youngest little critter. It was a mess with bricks scattered everywhere and the tubs that were meant to keep everything organised had seemingly been all tipped out or mixed up. My critters haven’t really been playing with it very much lately and I suspected it was due to the mess, makes sense really, if you cant find the pieces you want, how can you create, so time to sort again.

I tend to sort according to shape and their use rather than colour for example wheels and axles in one tub, windows and doors in another, a tub for the people and their accessories, another tub for all the extra special pieces that are designed for those special kits you get, make once and then they get broken and pieces get lost and finally basic bricks 4/6/8/10’s all go together in the draw.

P1090864   P1090861


I like to use containers that are clear, a good size and easy to open and close for my little critters. These containers are from the Sistema range found in my local supermarket, they are great because they are study, come in different sizes, some are divided into different sections and have great easy to use clips on the side to hold the lids on tight.

How do you sort and store your Lego pieces? If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them.

Oh and when the older critters came home and the first thing they did was run straight to the Lego table and start creating!  

We hope you have fun playing Lego together soon too!

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