Science Is Fun!

Science Is Fun!

We love science here at Curious Little Critters – its one of the many things that we are truly passionate about doing at home with our little critters. We love questioning why, trying out new ideas, making predictions and discoveries and if it combines a fun game or the creation of some artwork as well then we love it even more.

We are teachers and we are mums but to be honest you don’t have to have a science degree to play with and teach your little critter about the world around them. You probably already know a lot more than you think and for me part of the fun of playing with an idea, is what I learn and discover along side my little critters, not to mention watching their little faces light up as they make a new discovery too.

We look forward to bringing you more science fun each week and will be regularly updating our Science page with new and exciting ideas for you to try with your little critters. All of the activities we feature on Curious Little Critters have been tried, tweaked and tested by our own little critters and we always include a paragraph that explains the “Science behind the fun”

If you haven’t visited it yet – pop on over and check out our Science page, there is probably something on there that you can do today with your little ones or save up an idea for sometime soon. Below are some of our featured activities – click on these to take you directly to that experiment.

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Have fun together …

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