We have reviewed a few of our favourite children’s story books.

We have reviewed a few of our favourite children’s story books.

We love story time in our household. Traditionally it has always been one of the last things we do before bedtime, but my kids have always loved reading and will often bring books to me to read.

We read for many reasons, it is such a great time to bond – cuddles on the couch with a pile of books is always a great way to spend time with them. It is also a great way for them to learn the sounds and rhythms of speech as well as learning to use their imaginations and form an understanding of the different features in their world.

We have a large selection of books in our home but we also love going to the library and borrowing piles of books, some of these books have become our families favorites.

We have started a list of some of our favourite books with a short summary of what the book is about. Some of these books you will already be familiar with but we also hope to introduce you to some new ones that you can keep an eye out for next time you and your curious little critter are at the library.

Here is the link to our Book Reviews Page.

Do you have any books in your house that have become family favourites? Please tell us about them, we would love to check them out and include them on our page too.


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