Learning through finger play songs

Learning through finger play songs

As much as we all love toys and bits ‘n bobs to help entertain our little critters, sometimes it’s fun to just get back to basics.  Why not try something different and teach a few finger play songs?

From young bubbas to school age our critters can be entertained by these fun traditional songs but they also engage our littlest of critters to focus on their eye tracking as well as be soothed by the constant singing voice of their caregiver (don’t worry our littlest of critters don’t pay much attention to our tone; they love our voices either way).  Our toddler critters enjoy learning their numbers and preschooler’s love to learn how to sing to a rhythm and rhyme (a great pre-reading skill to develop)!

The most fabulous thing about learning a new finger play song is that you can pull it our anywhere at almost anytime! It’s the best ‘no-props required’ form of entertainment if your little critter is stuck waiting in a line at a supermarket, in the car, sitting under a tree at the park, playing with a friend and the list goes on and on.

The following list are my Top 10 favourites….well actually my little critters Top 10. Most of you will know these songs so we have highlighted a purpose for each song to help you focus on something new.

One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive…. (Great for simple counting and finger muscle control)

Where is Thumbkin?… (A fun introduction to hide and seek)

Three little ducks went out one day…(A lovely way to tell a repetitive story)

This little piggy went to market…(Another cute story telling song)

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree…(Great for finger coordination and counting down)

Twinkle, twinkle little star…(A great way to develop finger muscles with the twinkle coordination)

Hickory dickory dock…(A lovely song to help develop memory of actions)

Incy Wincy Spider…(Fabulous for finger coordination development)

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed…(Such a fun silly song to sing)

This old man, he played one, h eplayed knick knack on his thumb…(Great for developing memory)

We hope you have fun either introducing or revisiting these old favourites!

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