Its raining inside my room! – Condensation from a warm steam vapouriser

Its raining inside my room! – Condensation from a warm steam vapouriser

My little critters have had coughs and sniffles this week. Nothing too serious but it is enough to bother them at night and cause them to have restless sleeps – and this means not a lot of sleep for Mum and Dad too!

So thankfully we have a Warm Steam Vapouriser that we can put in their room at night, it increases the moisture levels in their room. We add eucalyptus drops to it and this combination seems to help relieve their congestion and help them to breathe better while they are sleeping.

Unfortunately in the morning when we wake, the room that the Vapouriser has been in is very damp. The walls, the mirrors and especially the windows are covered with condensation.

My littlest critter is very concerned about this, especially this morning when she walked across her room and stepped in a couple of small puddles that had formed in the middle of the room! How did this happen? I tried to explain to her that during the night small droplets had fallen from the downlights above but of course this didnt make much sense to her, so it was time for some Kitchen Counter Science to help explain what was going on.

Click the image below to see the droplets in action:

Rain in a glass 3

Edge  of your seat stuff!! :) Sorry about the side angle video footage – will do better next time :)

Wow, did she love this though. She quickly understood that the boiling water in the bottom of the cup was the same as the warm water in the vapouriser and it make the droplets on the mirrors and windows, just the same as the droplets of condensation that form on the inside of the glass and the bowl of ice above. And finally she saw the drip form and drop back into the water below.

Tonight while her Dad was putting her to bed, I overheard her explaining that there will be little puddles in her room tomorrow morning because of the hot air and the cold windows. She got it! Proud Mummy moment!

The Science behind the fun:

The boiling water causes the water to begin to evaporate, this warm air or water vapour rises and meets the cold plate above. The water vapour condenses forming water droplets on the bottom of the plate. These water droplets turn into precipitation and falls back into the liquid below.

Try this super quick and easy experiment with your little critters at home.

Have fun being curious together. :)

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