Developing Critical Thinking Little Critters

Developing Critical Thinking Little Critters

Critical thinking is a vital skill for our little critters to learn to succeed in school and society.  It helps solve problems, analyse and evaluate information. Whether it be a baby learning to crawl around an obstacle or a four year old trying to keep a tower of blocks from falling down.  Critical thinking skills are developed mostly though questioning; questioning them, and them questioning the world.

We’ve highlighted five ways you can help teach your little critter to be critical with their thinking:

Questioning: The word that so many parents tire of hearing is the one that really is the most important.  Here’s the good part though; don’t answer straight away!  Reply with “Why do you think?” Probe them and their thinking.

Observation: Ask your little critter to observe items and tell you what the differences and similarities are.  This will also help develop their vocabulary.

Summarising: Ask your little critter to retell a familiar story you read using their own words.  Keep it a simple story to begin with such as “Where is the Green Sheep?”

Hypothesising: Give scenarios to your little critter and discuss possibilities. “If we do this, what will happen?”

Problem Solving: When your little critter is dealing with a difficult situation, provide enough support so they don’t get frustrated, but not so much that you solve it for them. Ask them how can it be solved?  Discuss the options.

We know that reasonable and rational thinking is still a work in progress with many of out little critters, so don’t lose hope if your child can’t solve the answers to world peace by the end of the week.  It takes little steps and building the skills brick by brick to help our little critters to become successful critical thinkers in the future.

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