Christmas Story or Two

Christmas Story or Two

At Christmas time I have a weakness for Christmas story books.  Before I was a mum I would buy books each year to share with my students. Nowadays I’ve started a tradition that each year I add a new Christmas Story Book into my children’s Christmas stocking.  We now have a library of books which my children squeal with delight and love to read every night in the lead up to Christmas.

Here are a few of my family favourites at the moment:

A funny story is Christmas Wombat, where the famous and much loved wombat goes on a ride in the back of Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.



A gorgeous book for your little critters is That’s not my Reindeer.  Each page has a different sensation for the senses to talk about and explore.


From Rod Campbell who wrote one of my all-time favourite children’s story books, Dear Zoo, is a Christmas version, Dear Santa.  A letter is written to Santa and Santa goes through an assortment of gifts but always finds a reason not to send it, until he discovers the perfect gift.  Beware; the ‘perfect gift’ is a pet kitten so if that’s on your little critters list but not yours…?!?!


A sentimental favourite of mine is Why I Love Christmas.  It gives pages of reasons why children love Christmas using their words and illustrated from little creatures’ perspective.  It’s simply divine and I’ve read it and used it as a parent and a teacher for many years.


An Aussie spin on the traditional carol Jingle Bells is the Aussie Jingle Bells.  It tells of an Aussie bush Christmas which really is quite entertaining. All the while the swaggie that jumps aboard the rusty Holden Ute has an uncanny likeness to Father Christmas.


The traditional favourite of my family is The Night Before Christmas.  There are many versions and publications of this story; however I like the simple layout, the exquisite and delicate illustrations, the traditional font of the text and the big hard cover of the version of Clement C. Moore publication.  It’s a perfect first Christmas gift to keep and treasure.


I’m sure before this festive season is through I’ll have a few more to share too! Enjoy your Christmas reading.

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