Camping Holiday

Camping Holiday

Last weekend my family and I embarked on a mini adventure! We went camping for the first time as a family. My husband and I had been camping a few times before having kids and loved it but for some reason we haven’t been with the kids til now. It was always on our “to do” list but…. So last week my husband had a rare opportunity to have a conversation (and finish it without being interrupted) and camping came up again so we decided – let’s do it!

From the start, when we spoke of our camping trip with the kids it was an exciting adventure we were going on together and as the children are still young that’s what it became. We decided to put up our tent inside and make sure we could all still fit and it quickly became an exciting new toy. They even got out their little chairs and started role playing camping by a fire. (we didn’t actually have a camp fire as we were camping during the Fire Danger Season – October to April)

Camping is an experience that we wanted to give our kids. A time to slow down, to turn off technology, to get in touch with nature, to have new experiences, to enjoy the simple things and most importantly have time to bond as a family and create memories together.

My son had an opportunity to do fishing with his dad for the first time and caught his first squid! My daughters loved playing and investigating the rock pools around the jetty, finding tiny fish, crabs, barnacles, pretty rocks and shells. We woke up to the birds singing and wild rabbits hopping around outside our tent! We had a great time! My favourite moment by far was when everyone was snuggled up in their sleeping bags, after a wonderful day of firsts. There is something so special about having all my little and big critters sleeping peacefully together.

Everything was an opportunity to discover something new and when things went wrong – like forgetting the lantern for the tent – we allowed the kids to come up with a solution to our problem. It was their adventure too so even though we could’ve used our phones as light (which we still did a little) our critters decided we should use glow sticks to light our tent at night! They were proud they solved the problem, as minor as it was, and had some ownership of how we camped. I think glow sticks will be a necessary item to pack every time we go camping now!

The couple of hours travel time wasn’t that hard either. I brushed up on our Top 5 games to play in the car, printed out our  original backseat bingo for my youngest critter and made up a few more Road Trip Bingo for my older critters who wanted to be challenged a little bit more. I even made up a Road Trip Car Logo Bingo sheet for my son who loves talking cars with his dad.

I have included these as downloads if you would like to save yourself a copy for your next road trip – Easter is coming up – Camping anyone?

Road Trip Bingo       Alphabet Scavenger Hunt  Road Trip Car Logo Bingo

Pop on over to our facebook page and let us know about your camping or family holiday adventures. If you have any tips please share them, we are still learning about this camping with kids thing but will definitely be going again!

Have fun being curious together.

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