Autumn Holiday to do list…

Autumn Holiday to do list…

I looove school holidays! I cannot express how excited I get with the thought that I have both my little critters all to myself for two whole weeks! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all roses 24/7, but I sure try to make the most of our time together.

I’m a teacher so I’m fortunate that I get this time off; and after asking some of the children I work with at my school what they were doing in the holidays and hearing many responses that they would be in Vacation Care for the two weeks, it made me even more determined to make sure we have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

At the moment my children are six and four and a half and it seems to be a good phase. They looove each other’s company and seem to combine Iron Man shopping at the Shopkins store before he saves the stranded My Little Ponies quite well! So my plan of attack for this school holidays is to mix playing with each other at home, meeting with friends as well as some fun outings for just us!

Here are my top ideas I’ve brain stormed and some I’ve already organised due to bookings requirements:

  1. 1. Pyjama Day – this has become our first day of school holidays tradition. I love that it symbolizes the fact that we are in now rush, we can wait until lunch time or after if we want to change.
  2. 2. New Playground – I like to try and find a new playground every holidays to explore. Some are fabulous treasures!
  3. 3. Cooking – my littlest critter loves baking and cooking. She has been asking to make pumpkin soup for ages. So this is first on our list…second no doubt will be bliss balls, as everyone loves getting their hands a little messy and we can all eat them!
  4. 4. Book an Art class – we’ve done a holiday class a couple of times now, as we can’t make the classes during term and they are fabulous creative fun!
  5. 5. Port Noarlunga Sand Sculpture – we went to this over the weekend and loved the day down there! So ‘tick’ done.
  6. 6. Bike ride – we are all thoroughly enjoying the fact that we can all bike ride together so it’s a fun activity to ride to the local river and take a little snack picnic to share and feed the ducks too!
  7. 7. The Planetarium – In Melbourne it’s Scienceworks all the way! Best place to take curious little critters and they have a fabulous new Alice I Wonderland area too! I take my children every time we go back and have fond memories of our Mothers Group even taking out bubba critters there! In Adelaide the Planetarium offers lots of fun and some excellent holiday programs, primarily for school age critters.
  8. 8. Movies – now my little critters are getting a little older they are beginning to enjoy the fun of the movie theatre. I love going to the older theatres as they add to the charm of the event…at least while they are little. Down at Semaphore there’s also a fabulous playground at the end of the road so you can really enable them to enjoy the relaxation of the movie and the fun pace of the playground too! Our first picks for these holidays will be Cinderella and Home.
  9. 9. Gardening – this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I know that my children would enjoy getting their hands dirty and planting some new vegetables for the winter months!
  10. 10. Meet with friends….a playground, at home, for lunch, the beach, a bush walk….
  11. 11. Visit the Port. There’s always something happening down there! Maritime museum, dolphin cruise, lighthouse, markets and more!
  12. 12. Platform 1 Farm – still becoming familiar with all things Adelaide, we are yet to visit here. So we’ve decided to make a booking with a friend for one of the School holiday activities that includes a train ride, some farm style cooking and feeding animals too! I’m excited!
  13. 13. Art Gallery – my eldest little critter has become a curious little crow fan this year and so while he is lucky enough to go to the football game next week, I’ll take my littlest critter to the Art Gallery. She can’t wait! She’s very interested in art and making observations, so I’ll be intrigued with her thoughts about viewing ‘professional’ art. (NB for the Melbournians reading this, the Heide Gallery is always lots of fun and a little different too! And the International Art Gallery is a wonderful place to take little critters, even if it’s just to lie down on the carpet in The Great Hall and look up at the stain glass ceiling in awe!)
  14. 14. Bush walk at Morialta Conservation Park – we love going for a walk and there are some nice and easy walks to do with your little critters and caves and waterfalls to explore too.
  15. Read books! – take the opportunity to snuggle up on the couch, lie in bed, sit under a tree or take books to a park and read books you wouldn’t normally get time to.  In between take home readers and library books, it can be hard to get through the Treehouse series and some Fairytales etc.  Enjoy the slower pace to be able to enjoy the simple things.
  16. 16.Visit the Botanical Gardens – Take public transport if you can to spice up the event! We like to take the bus at the end of our street, or drive to the tram stop and ride the tram into the city.  Then take a walk through the gardens.  I usually take some crayons and paper so my little critters can draw what they see or have a small ‘Can you find…?’ list, just to keep things interesting.
  17. Road Safety Centre – Throw the bikes or scooters and helmets in the boot and take a drive to the Road Safety Centre. It’s a fun place for our little critters to pretend they’re riding on real roads.  The earlier the better as the bike traffic is less.
  18. Local library – we used to visit our library weekly before school routines began, so it’s nice to get back there every so often and take a look at their holiday program.
  19. Puzzle and Board games day – we all love games in our house and having the holidays mean we get to spend some serious dedicated time on everyone choosing their favourites and playing them throughout the day.
  20. Day trip – have a look at the weather and take a day trip to somewhere different. We are choosing to travel to the hills, as we live by the beach.

These are just a few of my ideas for this holidays so far. I’ll be sure to let you know of any other bright ideas, however we’d love for you to share any of your ideas with us and the rest of our CLC community! Until then, enjoy your holidays if you are able to have some time with your little critters…and keep curious!

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  • Posted April 19, 2015


    Phew I need a holiday after reading that list of 20! Some great recommendations. I’m happy my girls play soooo well together, I like to make sure we have some home time. They head out the back and become Elsa and Anna, or Peter Pan and Tink. Little actresses, they tell each other what to say, like they have lines in a play! Thankfully with the work I created for myself, I only need Oshc on 2 days and it’s nice to catch up with school friends.

    Thanks for the great idea, enjoy the last week before the mad rush starts again!

    • Posted May 5, 2015

      Ros Stevens

      Thanks Bronwyn, you do have gorgeous girls, glad they get along so well. Home time with siblings is really important. Well done Mumma! xx

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