ANZAC Day books for children

ANZAC Day books for children

ANZAC Day stories to share with children

ANZAC can be a tricky subject to approach with children.  It’s certainly an important topic and once our little critters begin school they commemorate ANZAC Day as a school community and thus it’s talked about and discussed.

I’ve collated a few of my favourite and dearest, ANZAC Day books to read with children.  They are predominantly aimed for children about 4 years old and above, but with discussion pre schoolers may still appreciate the stories.

my-grandad-marches-on-anzac-day  This is a simple story of ANZAC Day through the eyes of a little girl.  She goes to the dawn service and watches her Grandad march in the parade.  It carefully explains what happens on ANZAC in children friendly language.




simpson-and-his-donkeyThis book is based on fact.  The heroic story of Simpson and his donkey Duffy, who together rescued over 300 men during World War I. The story focuses on the fate that brought two men, boyhood friends, together again in Gallipoli.





This is a beautiful story of a Great Dane puppy born during World War I and how he became the mascot of the anzac-puppyNZ Rifle Brigade.  It shares a story of love and friendship.





This is a truly heartwarming story of a little girl who is home while her dad is fighting in the War.  Anzac-Biscuits_200pxShe bakes biscuits and adds love, warmth and hope that he needs to return safely.  It’s a beautiful story to help explain the origin of ANZAC biscuits.


ANZAC Tanzac teded is such a special teddy.  He may look torn and tattered but he is a teddy with quite a story.  He went away to war and now belongs to a grandson who treasures him like a hero.



We hope you can enjoy sharing some of these stories with your little critters at this special time of the year.

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